Terms and conditions of sale

The consumer has the right to notify the company that he or she renounces his or her purchase, without payment of a fine and without providing motive, within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the product or conclusion of the service agreement.


One the one hand, these general terms and conditions govern the use of the sales website of the VOF Level One Footwear or doing business under another commercial name (hereafter referred to as “Seller”), established at Noordzandstraat 78 in B-8000 Bruges, Belgium, and known by the company registration number 0871 526 687, www.levelonefootwear.be (hereafter referred to as “Site”), e-mail info@levelonefootwear.be. On the other hand, these terms and conditions are also applicable to the online sale of certain goods (hereafter referred to as “Products”) via the Site by the Seller within the territory of Belgium.

The Site has been created and is managed by the Seller. The users of the Site (hereafter referred to as “Users”) may view and print the information on the screen of the Site for personal use.

Any User who wishes to make a purchase confirms to be a natural person and not a trader or authorised to act on behalf of a trader. Any person who is declared to be ineligible pursuant to Article 1123 of the Civil Code may under no circumstances make purchases on the Site. Consultation of the Site and the services that are offered fall under the jurisdiction of the legal representative. The legal representative must comply with these provisions.

Concerning the provision of personal information, the legal representative must in any case personally complete the registration form, or the ineligible person must give explicit permission to complete the aforementioned form, with the understanding that the provisions concerning personal information as provided in Article 11 remain intact.

The parties agree that their legal relationships will be governed exclusively by this contract, with the exception of all previously described conditions on the Site. If a line is missing, then the use of the sector “distance selling” as applied by companies established within the territory of Belgium is in force.

I. Subject

On the one hand, these general terms and conditions govern the mere use of the Site by the User. On the other hand, these terms and conditions are also applicable to the online sale by the Seller within the territory of Belgium. These terms and conditions also aim to determine the terms of sale concerning ordering, service, payment and delivery and thus determine the steps that are needed for placing an order and ensure the continuation of this order between the contracting parties.

II. Order

Every User has the opportunity to click online on the desired Product. The online order can only be processed if the User has clearly identified himself or herself. Every order assumes the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale, of the prices and of the description to the Product offered for sale.

The Seller commits itself to process, as long as supplies last, the orders placed via the Site. Within 2 days of the Seller receiving the order from the User, the Seller will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the User with statement of the correct order number.

With the online order, the User must also click on the desired payment method, as well as the desired place of delivery/collection.

III. Delivery

The delivery of the Products occurs by a courier (B-post) at the delivery address that is provided by the User. This courier will offer the order at the delivery address. If no one is present, the driver shall leave a note behind so that the package can be collected at the nearest post office.

The User recognises having knowledge of the fact that the Seller’s general terms and conditions for delivery apply to the delivery of the Products and acknowledges accepting these.

The Seller accepts the obligation to deliver the Products as soon as possible, whereby a delivery period of maximum 30 days as a guideline is agreed (in practise, approximately 5 work days). Parties also accept that the delivery period can be longer than the aforementioned guideline as a result of unusual circumstances.

Upon delivery/collection of the purchased Products, a valid identity document must be produced. The receipt of the Products can only occur by the person that placed the order. In the absence of of a valid identity document, the Seller reserves the right not to deliver the Products . The order remains available to the User in the collection/delivery point for 5 days, after which the Products will be sent back to the Seller.

The delivery costs for the delivery of Products are, subject to change due to circumstances outside the control of the Seller (i.e., increased costs of B-post, increased personnel costs):

Deliveries in Belgium: free
Deliveries in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France en Germany: € 10

IV. Gift vouchers

De User may purchase online gift vouchers. These gift vouchers can by used for the purchase of Products in a Level One retail outlet.

The gift voucher is sent to the User after the online purchase via registered mail via the Post. The delivery of gift vouchers is free.

V. Returns

In accordance with the Law of 6 April 2010 concerning market practises and consumer protection, the User is entitled to return his or her online order within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the Products.

The purchased Product must be returned with sufficient postage, in undamaged condition and in the original packaging to the return address of the Seller listed hereunder. The User must add his or her account number so that the Seller can process the reimbursement. Only the actual paid amount will be reimbursed, within 30 days of receipt of the Products at the return address.

Return address.
VOF Level One Footwear
Noordzandstraat 78
8000 Bruges (Belgium)

These return conditions for the order and the listed return address are valid only for Products purchased in the web shop.

The delivery charges for the return of Products ordered online are the responsibility of the User, unless the delivered Product does not meet the description of the Product as listed in the order (i.e., in the case of damage). Damaged Products must be returned, together with a description of the damage, within 14 calendar days and with sufficient postage (according to normal postage rates) to the return address. Damaged items will be reimbursed, within 30 days of receipt of the Products at the return address.

VI. Warranty

All Products are guaranteed for 1 year from the delivery of the Products. Parties accept that the nature of the Products cannot justify legal presumption that failures to conform (defects) are suspected to have existed at the moment of delivery (according to Art. 1649quater §4 B.W.). Defects that are caused by accidents, negligence or misuse (by the User or by third parties) are not covered by the warranty and are thus no failure to conform. An appeal to the warranty must occur by the return of the Products (in dry, hygienic and proper condition) to a Level One retail outlet or by the return of the Products by the User together with the proof of purchase to the following return address: VOF Level One Footwear Noordzandstraat 78, 8000 Bruges (Belgium) The User must indicate in a visible manner where the item is defective. The warranty service of the Seller will then contact the supplier of the Products, who will make a decision as to whether a defect of the Products exists that is covered by the warranty. If this is not the case, the Products will be returned unrepaired to the User. Shoes must be returned in a pair and all accessories must be returned to a retail outlet or returned by post. Shoes, due to the nature of these Products, must be demonstrably well maintained in order to be covered by the warranty. Shoe soles are in any case not covered by the warranty, unless is is clear that a defect of the shoe soles is a result of a production error.

VII. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, all amounts owed are immediately payable at the point of collection/delivery indicated by the User, at the moment of collection/delivery. When placing an order, the User has a choice of the following methods of payment: With a bank card (credit card). The Products can be paid at the moment of ordering with a credit card. The User is obligated to provide the number of his/her Visa or MasterCard, together with the authorisation number and the expiration date, after which the crediting of the owed amount is done immediately. With PayPal

VIII. Acceptance

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